Sunday, October 14, 2018

Pumpkin Estelle Ponte Jacket

You guys, it's decorative gourd season and I am really feeling fall this week... some crisp air, colorful leaves, and seasonally-appropriate pumpkin orange cardigan/jacket/topper thing for me!

This is the Style Arc Estelle Ponte Jacket, which I really consider to be more of a cardigan/topper thing than a jacket (and my colleague called it a "cape" this week, so there's that option, too). It's a waterfall neck cardigan meant to be made from ponte or other stable knits.

You might remember I made another Estelle last fall out of a wool blend double-knit and loooooooved it. I wore it basically non-stop every season except summer, layering it over skirts, dresses, pants, and jeans for both work and play. I've had another on my sewing list since then...

The fabric I chose for this Estelle is a deep orange ponte that I bought just before leaving Bangkok. I can't remember which store it was from, but definitely one of the shops I listed in my Bangkok fabric shopping guide.

It's a high quality, heavy weight, low stretch ponte with a cool hand feel that makes me think it's a rayon blend of some sort. I adore the color and feel like it's the perfect pop of color for fall.

Estelle is a super quick sew because a) it has only 3 pattern pieces and b) none of the edges are hemmed. Those raw edges may drive some people crazy, but I think is quite nice if you take the time to cut the edges smoothly.

I did topstitch all of my seams to get them to lay flat, so that took a little bit longer, but I was able to finish sewing it in about an hour. I skipped the in-seam pockets, which helped speed things up.

Size-wise, I went with the same as my last Estelle: size 16 with a 3/4" full bicep adjustment. I was happy with the fit and layerability (??) of my previous Estelle, so if it ain't broke...

Here I paired my Estelle with my Birkin Flares and Cashmerette Concord t-shirt, but it goes with lots of things in my wardrobe. It's particularly lovely with my latest Cashmerette Appleton dress, too!

I'm pretty enamored with this Estelle. Perfectly pumpkin-y. Totally prepared for decorative gourd season, y'all. Skipping the pumpkin spice latte, though, because those are gross.