Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bring this salad to your next potluck BBQ!!

This salad is ridiculously easy, infinitely interchangeable as far as ingredients, and totally tasty.

The original recipe, a Rachael Ray creation, has black beans, corn, red pepper, and red onion as the base. I've made this countless different ways: subbing scallions for the red onion, yellow peppers for the red peppers, using frozen corn instead of fresh (and vice versa). I am always sure to add some chopped cilantro- it makes a big difference in taste. The other ingredients in the dressing, the lime, cumin, S&P, and the hot sauce, should all be added to your taste.
Today's iteration included (in addition to the black beans) corn sliced off the cob, lightly blanched green beans instead of pepper, halved cherry tomatoes, and scallions (all from the CSA).

Try it... everybody seems to like it.