Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mini Blueberry Tarts

These are great for a BBQ... blueberry pie, no fork or knife required. Planning on topping them with a little bit of whipped cream. Made them using the awesome blueberries from the CSA and the mini-tart press that Martha put in my stocking one year. The tart press doesn't get used often, but when it does, it rocks. Thanks, Mom!

I can thank the other Martha for the recipe. However, I can advise, for those of you that may try this recipe, that the 2 cups of blueberries required is far too much. At 17 minutes left of cooking, I checked on the tarts and they looked fine... with 7 minutes left, the blueberries had exploded pretty much everywhere- some of the blueberries had been violently propelled out of the tin. I would say use closer to 1.5 cups, to be safe. Do not overfill those little guys!
In any case, they tasted great with the whipped cream. I recommend these!