Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ridged Cardigan

Loosely based on the Super Natural Stripes pattern that I used a few months ago, I knit up this cute sweater for Zoe, who won't be able to wear it for a few years since I made the 2-3 year size.


In my version of the cardigan, I kept the top down, one-piece, raglan sleeve methodology as well as the raised garter stitch stripes from the original pattern.  However, I maintained the stripes throughout the whole sweater (rather than just the yoke) to give some texture to the body and sleeves.  Also, rather than pick up stitches to add a separate collar and button band on at the end (remember how wonky my button band was the first time?), I just knit in a garter stitch collar and button band up front: about 8 rows of garter stitch before starting the increases, plus an extra 6 in garter stitch in the beginning and end of each row.