Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Not Meant to be Pajamas

So... when I started these little toddler play clothes, I did not intend for them to look like sleep wear.  Oops.


I used fabric that the Real Martha sent, a baby blue seersucker* printed with pink roses that is probably vintage 1970.  I accented the delicate fabric with some loud, hot pink bias tape that is definitely circa 1970, as it says so on the tag. 

I used a pattern, also from the Real Martha, Butterick 4173**, as the basis for the dress (view C) and tank and shorts set (view A and D)...  however, I skipped the facings in favor of the bias tape.  I also skipped the ruffles, as I thought they were a little twee, but ultimately ended up adding my own twee bow to the dress when I realized how nightgown-y it was looking.  Not sure it helped.  Oh well!

* A story about seersucker: our cleaning lady, Mugi, who does our laundry twice a week (I know, life is hard), makes judgments on our clothing choices when putting our clean clothes away.  Specifically, she refuses to acknowledge that Tim's seersucker pants are not women's pants, putting them away in my drawer each time she washes them. Clearly seersucker is not a thing men wear here in Indonesia.

** I asked Tim which version of the Butterick 4173 pattern I should make... he couldn't answer except to say "Why are those little girls wearing make-up like they are going out to the clubs on the Jersey Shore?!"   He disapproves of Butterick's fashion drawing style choices: