Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Smoked Brisket - Aaron Franklin Style

Anthony Bourdain went to Austin, TX a couple of weeks ago as part of his final season of No Reservations.  He spent time with a guy by the name of Aaron Franklin, the chef/owner of Franklin Barbecue.  Tony declared Aaron's Texas-style brisket to be the best he'd ever tasted.

So, I decided to replicate Aaron's masterpiece - Butcher Paper Brisket.  This entailed not only finding everything I could about how he works his magic online and scouring the web for tips from every other BBQ source out there, but also investing in a new gas grill and learning how to turn it into a smoker.

New grill waiting assembly
Several hours (and drinks) later...
Sweet new natural gas supplied Weber
9 lbs USDA choice brisket from Iowa Meat Farms
Kosher salt and pepper rub

Brisket wrapped in foil and kept overnight in fridge
Acadian Oak smoking chips
Making wood chip packets for the smoker
10 am - brisket and wood chip packet in place
1 pm - wood chip packets replaced every 1-2 hours
Watermelon Cucumber Basil Salad courtesy of Martha Stewart
Jicama Slaw courtesy of Bobby Flay
Aaron Franklin's Espresso BBQ Sauce (modified with two Starbucks instant medium roast packets, chipotle pepper, brown sugar and less ketchup)
8 pm - Slicing up the brisket

Ming's stacked brisket sandwich
Ming enjoying a fully loaded sandwich
Very good.  But, did not have enough time to let it rest properly (they all recommend resting for 2+ hours) since I had dinner guests who were rather hungry.  Next time would start earlier and let it enjoy the full resting period.