Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Roasted Shiitake and Eggplant Pasta

I bought eggplant to make this great grilled eggplant dip that you eat with sticky rice (we had it in Laos), but was struggling to figure out what to cook to go with it.  Similarly, I had purchased mushrooms to make this creamy mushroom soup I saw via Pinterest.  Somehow neither of these dishes have yet to materialize (don't count them out yet, though, they're still on the list), but their ingredients ended up in this tasty pasta dish.

Doesn't look like much, but this dish has a really great rich, meaty flavor from the roasted mushrooms and a hint of spice from the sambal (PS: I used Sriracha because the only sambal I had in the house was called "Heboh Pedassssssnya," which translates to "Excited Spiiiiiiiiiciness!" and it will burn your face off).  Good stuff! 

I used thyme instead of oregano (although not 2 TBS of it- more like a couple sprigs), plus I topped the whole mess with fresh cilantro at the end.