Friday, October 26, 2012

Baby Kimono: Meh.

Not gonna lie or sugarcoat it... I hate this yarn

I had purchased a couple of skeins a long time ago, before I was really all that into or knowledgeable about knitting and crocheting (not that I am particularly knowledgeable now, but I think I now know enough not to buy yarn like this).  I crocheted a lumpy and meh (in retrospect) scarf with the first skein and now I've knit a lumpy and meh baby kimono with the second.  

Sigh.  At least it was a quick and easy knit and I didn't spend too long on an inferior project.  The pattern itself seems fine- it's knit in one big piece and then seamed up the sides and under the armpits.  I blame it on the yarn... I don't like how the yarn is squeaky (must be the acrylic), splitty, lumpy and weird to both knit and crochet with.  The final product is just general misshapen and odd... hopefully it looks better on, but it has little hanger appeal.