Monday, October 8, 2012

Christmas Dress

Continuing the American trend of thinking about Christmas entirely too early, I was looking around at my fabric stash (which keeps getting bigger despite all my recent efforts to sew through it... I am turning into the Real Martha!) and I realized that I had a whole pile of Christmas fabric left over from a few years ago when I made reusable fabric gift bags to cut down on paper waste during the holidays.  I figured a good way to use up some of it would be to make Miss Zoe a Christmas dress... ta da!


Using one of the patterns that the Real Martha sent me, Simplicity 3511, I whipped up this cute little dress made from faux patchwork Christmas themed quilting cotton (which looks a little more gold and less tan in real life than it does in these photos) and some forest green accent fabric.

This was a great next-step dress for me to learn some new skills: using fusible interfacing to make the neckline, sewing a couple more buttonholes, gathering the bodice, topstitching around the neckline, arms and bottom panel (the pattern didn't call for this, but I saw that someone else online had done it and I thought it made it look really professional)...

I read that the pattern ran big, so I made a size 1... hopefully it fits her in December!!

I like the pattern.  This time I did version D, but with the sleeves from B.  I think next I may make the short sleeve tunic version (E) plus the pants (G)... quite cute.