Thursday, October 11, 2012

Peruvian Style Rotisserie Chicken

To take full advantage of the versatility of my new grill, I bought an electric rotisserie attachment for it.  Luckily, I had thought ahead and installed an outlet right next to the gas supply line where the grill sits.  The cord was *just* long enough to reach.

My first experiment with the rotisserie arm was Peruvian Chicken (in honor of all the joints near the Irving St house that serve this tasty and very tender grilled chicken).  I followed this basic recipe and bumped it up a few notches with additions such as onion powder and smoked paprika rather than the standard variety.

Chicken marinating for 6+ hours in the fridge

Messy transition from marinating bag to skewer

More or less in the right place

I trussed the chicken once it was in place to help it rotate better and placed a pan underneath to catch the drippings

Excess marinade used for basting

Couple of hours later...

De-skewering time

Fully roasted bird

The product was tasty.  But too wet for my taste.  I would prefer a crispy skin.  Thinking that the basting may have kept it from crisping up.  Will try again and report...