Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Colorblocked Mila Dress

This is the Style Arc Mila Designer Dress. After seeing Style Arc's striking yellow and grey colorblocked sample, I snatched up this pattern during one of their Etsy/PDF sales.

 has lots of things I like: simple, but interesting lines and cut-on sleeves (my favorite!). Plus I am warming up to cocoon shaped dresses after making myself an Inari tee dress a few months ago. I wear that baby a lot, although I do find the slits to be a bit high, especially when sitting. 

I like how the seam line separating the top and the bottom swoops around to the back... so pretty!

The fabric is some navy and pinky/purple rayon challis from my stash. Shifty stuff, that rayon! Difficult to cut, particularly the navy blue, which is thinner and lower quality than the purple. 

Both are unforgiving in the wrinkle and ripply seam department, too!! You can see the wrinkles building up, particularly on the sleeves, throughout my photo shoot. Keep in mind that it was about 98 degrees F and 100 percent humidity at the time I was taking these photos. I kept having to run back inside to stand under the AC between shots so I wouldn't have sweat seeping through the garment. Stay classy, Bangkok.

The Mila pattern is quite quick to sew up because it has so few pieces and seams (6 pieces, including the front and back neck facings, really only 5 major seams). It took me just a couple hours to finish it.

I didn't quite nail the point of the triangle at center front, which is really the only difficult part of the pattern. Oops! I've got some bubbling there. I may try to unpick it, because it's driving me nuts. Or maybe I'll just wear a long necklace to distract from it! Ha! In reality, no one but a seamstress is likely to notice some slight bubbling.

I really love this Mila! Despite my shoddy job on the pointy bit, I love the overall look. Modern, effortless. 

And it's crazy comfortable. It just floats away from your body, which is exactly what I need when it's this hot out.

Would it be cheating if, for my next Mila, I rounded out the pointed bit? Nah, I should just practice my point sewing. Anybody have any tips?

I have been on a Style Arc roll lately. Quickly approaching fan girl status. Once they started offering their patterns other ways besides one-size paper patterns shipped from Australia, I have been hooked. I've mostly used their PDF patterns so far, but purchased a couple of the layered/multisize patterns from Amazon, too, mainly the more complicated designs. Have you all tried Style Arc yet?