Saturday, May 7, 2016

Me Made May: Week 1 Round-up

Here's my wrap-up for Week 1 of Me Made May!

I apologize for all the terrible photos... I was not feeling the selfies this week! I think it's because I wore a lot of older me-mades, per my pledge, and many of them didn't make me feel great.

Day 1: Not a glamorous start... I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I bummed around the house and did some cutting out while wearing my chambray Hudson pants:

Day 2: True to my MMM pledge, I wore one of my deep cuts, a Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank. I think I am going to give this one away... the bust/underarm area just doesn't fit right and the stiff quilting cotton exacerbates it. It's neither comfortable nor flattering. Farewell, early make!! While I am at it, I am also going to get rid of this other quilting cotton Tiny Pocket Tank and upcycle this ikat one (upcycling because I can't bear to part with the hand woven Balinese ikat fabric).

Day 3: Another deep(ish) cut, my Tilly and the Buttons Mimi blouse from Love at First Stitch. After wearing again (it's been a while), I know why I haven't been wearing it. My initial fears were confirmed: vintage, twee collars, and ditsy florals are not for me. I think my personal style has crystallized a bit over the last few years and I am confident in my decision to donate this blouse. It's also a bit tight in certain places- across the back yoke and in the armpits- which makes the decision pretty easy.

Day 4: A deep cut during the day, a batik Grainline Scout, followed by my new Style Arc Charlie skirt with a stretched out striped Union St. Tee (damn, I need a dryer!) for dinner. I think I am going to retire the Scout. It's a bit faded, short, and apparently I had trouble setting in the sleeves, because they are gathered at the sleeve heads and I hate them.

Day 5: Yet another deep cut, a Made by Rae Washi Blouse in a beautiful print that matches my measuring tape perfectly. I think this is another one for the donation pile. It's squeezing at the bust, giving me some serious uni-boob. Plus, the armscye chafes at the front when I am active (like when I am sewing or ironing). Quilting cotton may very well be the devil's work.

Day 6: I got a bit tired of wearing my deep cuts, so I went with a comfy and more recent make, my Cashmerette Concord tee during the day, then I changed into my brand new, yet-to-be-blogged Style Arc Olivia dress for beer and jenga. Bonus: my mom and husband both wore Meg-made, too! She a Deer and Doe Plantain that I made her for Mother's Day (yet to be blogged) and he his minty McCall's 6044!

Day 7: Wore my Seamwork Aires leggings for a workout:

After my workout I was (and here's where I date myself) choppin' broccoli in my fruit emoji Southport dress. Wet hair, don't care!

I got officially tired of wearing the deep cuts and I just went ahead and did a closet clean-out, going through a whole bunch of RTW and handmade items that I no longer wear for various reasons (fit, style, etc.). Turns out I have lots of "wearable muslins" that I never really wore... ha!

Ah, first week done. Happy to have cleaner closets!! How did your week go?