Saturday, May 21, 2016

Me Made May: Week 3 Round-up

Me Made May Week 3 round-up... tried to do better on taking daily photos this week! They're pretty terrible (blame it on extremely poor light in my closet where the full length mirror is, combined with an inability to take selfies), but they're photos.

Day 15: Started off the day wearing the bottom half of my Carolyn pajamas (paired with a t-shirt), then changed into my batik Inari Tee dress and took a blurry selfie on my way to meet up with fellow Bangkok-based sewist, Mary (hi, Mary!), for some fabric and notions shopping! How fun to meet local sewing friends!

Day 16: My batik Market Day tunic with RTW leggings. Love the fabric on this tunic, but feel a little bit frumpy wearing it with anything but leggings on the bottom. Nothing against the pattern, I just think I am not a tunic girl, really. But I love the fabric on this one so much I can't let it go. Perhaps I should crop it to be shirt length?

Day 17: My Roscoe blouse, which somehow stretched out so that I can't wear it untied at the neck without being indecent. But it still might be the most comfortable blouse I own...

Day 18: Woke up and drank coffee in my panda Prefontaine shorts; unlike last week I managed to not spill the coffee on my PJs. Wearing them reminds me that I ADORE these shorts and need to make more. And I am not a shorts girl. After coffee, I changed into my batik Colfax dress, which I love, but I find to be a bit short for my old-lady comfort level, so I mostly wear it inside or as a cover-up.

Day 19: I worked from home, so I decided that dressing up in office-appropriate clothes might help me focus more and day dream about sewing less. I put on my New Look 6107 blouse (gotta make another one of these!) and my Tilly and the Buttons Arielle skirt (need to make another of this pattern, too!). Please note: this tactic did not work due to the fact that my fabric stash is housed in the same room as our home office. Distraction! (As an aside: what is with my hair here??!!)

Day 20: Bopping around in my Morgan jeans and my plaid Belcarra blouse! Firstly, the Morgan jeans got a bit saggy by the time I took this late-in-the-day photo. Secondly, I discovered a hole developing next to the side seam of the Belcarra... nooooooo! And finally, that plant looks like it's plotting to kill me.

Day 21: Wore my linen/rayon blend Zeena dress to the farmer's market and other errands, as evidenced by this yellow elevator selfie on the way back up to my apartment, weighed down with bags of veggies and whatnot (whatnot being tape for tiling PDF patterns and plastic folders in which to store them). Unfortunately, Zeena's neckline, which was too big to begin with, is irreparably stretched out now. Boo. The perils of not owning a dryer, I think. I may deconstruct it and make something else out of the fabric, which I adore. Perhaps I can get a Maya blouse out of the skirt?