Sunday, May 22, 2016

One Nation Under a Groove (Dress)

After making my first Groove dress, I couldn't wait to make another!

This particular dress was made as part of an epic Groove dress assembly line. Four Groove dresses in one day: matching dresses for my nieces and their mom (coming soon to a blog near you), plus one for me for good measure. What?! The serger thread was the same color!

This time I opted for the high-low hem. Love it! I've never been a hugely vocal advocate of the high-low hem, but somehow here I adore it. Fun, floaty. 

I tried to capture some of the awesome movement that this dress has, but most of my photos turned out pretty dorky, not to mention blurry. Here's what I was left with:

Other than the hem, I made the dress the same as last time: round neckline, short sleeves. The fit is the same (awesome!) except I am finding the sleeves just a teeny bit tight. I think it's the result of my fabric, though.

The fabric is some striped cotton jersey bought locally here in Bangkok. It has less stretch than the rayon/spandex jersey I used for my first Groove dress, which is why the sleeves are bit tighter.

Not much else to say: officially part of the Groovement, as they say at MadeIt Patterns! I've wanted to wear this one pretty much constantly since making it. While I'm wearing it with heels here, it looks great with flip flops or flat sandals, too!!