Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Scrappy Floor Pouf, Part 2

I did some scrapbusting sewing this past month!

I was able to both use up scraps in this project and then stuff it with scraps in turn. And send those scraps to live at my sister's house so they wouldn't take up precious real estate in my sewing room. Win-win-win.

This is the Closet Core Patterns floor pouf (a free pattern on their website). You might remember I made one of these for myself a while back. I thought my sister might enjoy one next to her comfy chair, and I had the perfect fabrics for it. 

I used the same denim scraps I used on my pouf for hers: blue denim from I can't remember what, and green Cone Mills denim left over from my Jenny overalls. The prints are batik quilting cotton from my mom's stash, some of which my sister had already used for pillow covers. 

I interfaced the batik pieces to make them more equal in weight to the heavyweight denim. I used some bright teal piping around the edges for a pop of color. 

My piecing still leaves a bit to be desired; the center point is a bit of a nightmare. I utilized ye olde covered button trick to hide the wonky area, again, just like last time.

I think it fits in beautifully in my sister's living room! Look at how nicely it works with the gorgeous macramé plant holders she just made her self!