Thursday, May 17, 2018

Rayon Chambray Arenite Pants

Another pair of Arenite pants for me... what? They have giant pockets and I have things to put in those giant pockets.

This pair is made from a lovely rayon chambray from Imagine Gnats. Check out my post over there for some more detail on the fabric.

I made the same size and view as my last pair of Arenite pants because the fit worked for me!

However, I did change up the construction a little bit. The pattern calls for the seams along the pocket to be flat felled, but I was finding the fabric a little bit fiddly for that, so I decided to just sew them regularly, serge, press, and then topstitch the seams. Faux flat felled. 

Sometimes you have to remember that there is no need to be a slave to the instructions or construction techniques in a pattern. Do what works for you and your fabric!

I really like these pants. The fabric is slightly lighter weight and drapier than the tencel I used last time, and in this color, is slightly less forgiving than the black, but they are still pretty awesome and will get worn a bunch.

I'm thinking of them as a replacement for the chambray Hudson pants I made several years back, which I've since given away. They weren't high cut enough in the back for me. The Arenites have a higher waist, which I like.

Here I'm wearing them with my Liesl + Co Bento Tee. I love this somewhat cropped tee- it's the perfect length!

Meg from Sew Liberated describes the Arenite pants as “the luxuriously deep-pocketed, slouchy pants of your dreams,” and I agree. Fun pockets, cool seaming, comfy elastic waist. Yes, yes, and yes. This second pair of mine won’t be my last.