Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Testing, testing: True Bias Yari Jumpsuit

Hurrah! The perfect way to kick off summer... a new True Bias pattern!

This is the Yari jumpsuit... I jumped (har har, these jumpsuit puns never get old, eh?) at the chance to test this one for Kelli for several reasons.

A) I love testing for Kelli. B) You know how I feel about jumpsuits (it's been two and a half years since my last jumpsuit?!). C) This jumpsuit has all my favorite features!

This is View D of the Yari pattern. It's got angled patch pockets that are sewn into interesting/princess-y seamlines. A lovely V-neck and extended/cut-on sleeves. It's a relaxed fit with no waist seam, but it has optional D-ring ties to cinch in the waist and accentuate the waistline. Slightly tapered legs that hit at the ankle.

The other Yari views are cute, too! You can go sleeveless, or opt for a shorts/romper version.

I cut a size 16 graded to 18 at the hip, although I find that there's a bit of extra fabric through the hip and legs. Next time I'll do a straight 16.

The fabric I used is Essex cotton/linen from Cotton + Flax's Arroyo line. I liked the subdued purple and the scattered, irregular dots. Is it a little kooky to have made a purple jumpsuit? Maybe. This fabric weight is pretty great for the Yari, though!

I decided that I really wanted to use snaps for my Yari jumpsuit, despite never having used snaps before. Well, once I tried to use snaps, but it went very badly. This time was much better! 

I went with some 5/8" heavy duty snaps in gunmetal from Joann. I bought and used the little tool that went with them and everything went swimmingly.

I got matching gunmetal D-rings, although I didn't notice until I got home that they're a bit bigger than called for in the pattern (1" instead of 3/4"). I don't think anyone will notice, though. I did notice that I accidentally left too much room when sewing one set of D-rings and they kept undoing themselves with little to no provocation. Once I sewed a line closer to my D-rings using my zipper foot, they function as expected.

My Yari turned out great! Like I said, it's a bit roomy in the hips, but definitely not so much that I won't wear it!

Now, I know y'all have only scrolled this far down because you're waiting for the obligatory jumping-in-a-jumpsuit photos. I'd hate to disappoint: