Thursday, May 31, 2018

Me Made May 2018 Wrap-up

Hurrah! Another Me Made May in the books!

As a reminder, here's my original pledge (check out my MMM pledge post here): I endeavor to wear 2 articles of handmade clothing each day, and 3 articles at least twice per week for the duration of May 2018. I plan to mix and match my handmade articles to find new pairings and layering options.

So I didn't take a photo every single day, but I did I pretty much accomplished my goals otherwise! 

I always wore at least 2 me-mades per day, sometimes 3 or 4 depending on the weather, which varied from the 40s to the high 80s, sometimes in one day. And, important to my layering and pairing goals, it wasn't that I wore one me-made and changed into another, rather I combined them in fun ways and new combos.

I also feel like I pulled a couple older and/or less worn garments and breathed new life into them by pairing them with garments I love. So that feels good.

Day 16: This Cashmerette Turner in magenta ponte is cute, but never felt like "me," if that makes sense. Too traditional, too girly. But paired with the dark grey waterfall cardigan (my Style Arc Estelle Ponte Jacket) and booties, it felt a little tougher and more my style.

Day 17: An unexpectedly awesome handmade combination: Cashmerette Harrison shirt, topped with a my Seamwork Astoria cropped sweater, with my denim Tilly and the Buttons Arielle skirt. And booties. I was skeptical at the beginning of the day, thinking it was more wacky than cool, but in the end, it was one of my favorite combos of the month! A fun play on proportions.

Day 18: Another triple combo: Cashmerette Ames jeans, my linen Liesl + Co Classic shirt, and a cropped Muse Jenna Cardi that I had written off as boring and/or not "me." I really love the proportions on this outfit, though! Like the previous day, it surprisingly worked!

Day 19: Leaning into Vermont life with a basketweaving workshop in my linen Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs and striped Cashmerette Concord t-shirt. The bibs and my rhubarb cornmeal cake were the hit of the day (I mean, besides the obviously awesome baskets we learned to make!).

Day 20: Lazy Sunday. I never really got out of my pajamas, but it was chilly so I threw my Hey June Halifax hoodie on top. I also popped on my Closet Case Patterns cropped Jenny trousers muslin to make sure I was happy with the fit. Wore it around the house a bit as I sewed and sipped coffee. 

Day 22: Another oldie-but-goodie, my striped Vogue 8904 "shingle dress." I love this dress, but the armholes are a bit stretched out of shape, so it's better worn this way, with my Style Arc Estelle Ponte Jacket over it.

Day 23: Hampton Jean Jacket again, with my Style Arc Charlie skirt and Style Arc Elsie Overshirt. The slit on that Charlie skirt is a bit high for wearing to work! Fine when standing, but a bit risque when sitting. A standing desk only skirt.

Day 24: Trying to look vaguely business-y for a meeting in my plaid Itch to Stitch Hvar jacket, Cashmerette Springfield Top, and RTW pants.

Day 25: Arc deco Made by Rae Beatrix blouse paired with a pair of skinnified Birkin Flares I never blogged, first because I jacked up the zipper and can only wear them with long tops and second, because they are actually a test version of a never-released skinny jeans pattern from Baste + Gather.

Also, I changed from my Beatrix to another old handmade garment, my True Bias Roscoe blouse, to drive to MA to visit my family for the long weekend. I hadn't worn the blouse much for some reason, but I'm feeling it again! No photo, sorry, too lazy.

Day 26: Style Arc Georgie jeans and Designer Stitch Georgia top. Lunch and playing with my nieces at my brother's house! 

Day 27: Georgie jeans again (what?!) and my long-sleeved Closet Case Patterns Kalle. It was a rainy day, so I helped my mom lay out a gorgeous quilt she's making.

Day 28: Forgot to take a photo, but I wore a Cashmerette Concord t-shirt to go kayaking, then changed to drive from MA to VT into Georgie jeans (yes, for the third day in a row... can't go wrong with pull-on jeans for comfort!) and my favoritest ever batik Marilla Walker Maya top. This top been worn and washed so many times it is the softest thing on earth.

Day 29: Cashmerette Appleton dress topped with my Hampton Jean Jacket for the chilly commute. I forgot how va-va-voom this dress makes me feel. Note to self: make another.

Day 30: My cropped linen Closet Case Patterns Kalle shirt, paired with my How to do Fashion No. 7 Vanlose pants. The linen blend pants stretch out a bit throughout the day, so I might add elastic inside the waist facing,  but otherwise the outfit made me feel super cool and chic.

Day 31: A summery outfit for summery weather... my newly made Made by Rae Jade t-shirt paired with my batik Named Ninni Culottes. Comfortable and chic = winning.

Phew! I had big plans to analyze the month with some pie charts and graphs and stuff, but I'm feeling damn good about my Me Made May, so it seems superfluous. I had fun with all of these combinations and I feel quite inspired by others in the sewing community to try new pairings. Mission accomplished. 

Here's the whole shebang, in no particular order:

Clear winners: cardigans and jacket-y things, Cashmerette, Style Arc, layers, fun proportions. 

Wardrobe holes: a few more solid colored layering pieces (don't I say this every year?!), new jeans, a couple more Blackwood cardigans.

How did you fare with your me-made-may goals?


  1. Wow, your handmade wardrobe is amazing!

  2. I love seeing the whole shebang! I liked a lot of your styling, especially some of the toppers you used.

  3. Live your outfits, especially the Astoria/Harrison/Arielle combo, the Hampton/Charlie/Elsie and the Ninni/Hamptin (hmm, maybe I need a Hampton after all). I feel like your style has really crystallized since I started reading your blog a million years ago. Very nice!