Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Kaffe Fassett Glebe Pants

 Glebe pajama pants for life.

I've previously made two pairs of Muna and Broad Glebe pants as pajamas (here and here) and they are the only things I'll wear to sleep these days, so it was worth making another pair.

In particular, I reeeeaaaaalllly love the Glebes I made from Kaffe Fassett quilting cotton. This fabric is super high-quality and has a nice silky feel to it. Perfect fabric for jammies. 

And the colors and prints on this fabric are a delight. This particular fabric has such vibrant blues and greens, with this unexpected pop of rusty red/orange in the background. 

So good. I got it locally at Yankee Pride Quilts.

Like my last few Glebe pants, these are a size iii, lengthened by two inches, hemmed one and a half inches. 

I like a low-profile pocket in my pj pants, so I took a tip from myself and used my own tutorial for a single layer pocket.

I only cut the larger pocket piece and serged the edge of that piece. I finished the pocket opening with bias tape and sewed the pocket piece to the front leg. No bunchy pocket bags!

I ended up topstitching the elastic down in the waistband; I find it twists a bit in my other Glebe pajama pants, despite my best efforts (aka stitching it down on the side seams).

Super comfy for sleeping, a beautiful print to look at... can't go wrong. I've already worn these babies like five times and I finished them less than I week ago.