Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Elbe Textiles Homme Wrap Dress

 One more summer dress before summer ends...

You know I love a wrap dress... remember my Wrapstravaganza of summer of 2021

When I saw this new wrap pattern, I figured I was practically obligated to try it.

The pattern is the Elbe Textiles Homme Wrap, which can either be a dress or a jumpsuit. 

Both views have an elastic waistband and a darted bodice that can be wrapped around the waist or tied in a bow at the front. The wide leg jumpsuit has inseam pockets and the dress has a below-the-knee A-line skirt.

The Homme Wrap comes in a in a B cup or a combined C/D cup, in sizes A to N, up to 58.5 inch bust. 

I cut a size I with a C/D cup dress version, which worked well. I think the bra I’m wearing here is a bit too puffy: it works better with a lower profile bra!

The pattern was fun to sew! The construction method was interesting since the wrap is not connected to the skirt at the center front. The skirt isn't a wrap, it's a complete skirt. 

Hot tip, though: you don't like applying bias tape, this may not be the pattern for you since the front wrap and neckline, lower wrap and sleeves are all finished with a bias tape facing. Luckily, I love it. 

For fabric I had a long piece of Essex cotton/linen in my stash in the salt and pepper grey colorway. Very reminiscent of the pattern model's dress

I think it's really cute! I'd like to make the jumpsuit for next summer. 

I think I'll make the ties a bit longer so I can wrap them back around to the front. Sometimes I find sitting against a knot at my lower back bothers me.