Friday, August 18, 2023

Plaid Linen Cuff Dress

Playing with plaid over here...

This is The Assembly Line Cuff Dress Pattern - a midi dress with elastic waist and sleeve cuffs, roomy sleeves and a round neck. 

Inspired by seeing several lovely versions of this pattern shared by sewists during Me Made May, I purchased this pattern. I was particularly inspired by the lovely versions and glowing review from fellow plus sized sewist, Lilli of Frocks and Froufrou.

The Cuff Dress pattern goes up through size 3XL, designed for bust measurements up to 132-138 cm/54 inches.

My measurements put me between the XL and 2XL sizes. I went with 2XL to be safe, but in retrospect I think I probably could have gone with the XL. My dress is quite roomy!

I found hard to figure out what size to choose. The body measurements were not in the pattern instructions, nor were they in the pattern listing. I had to dig in to find their sizing page, which was annoying. There were finished garment measurements, but it's difficult to use those for a design like this where some of the bust measurement is taken up by the sleeve. 

I purchased the beautiful fabric in Bangkok many years back. I bough it after the former king's passing (back in 2016) when mourning custom meant everyone was wearing black and white. I guess I didn't get around to making anything at that time! 

It's a lovely, high-quality black and white plaid linen. 

I was cutting it close on the amount of fabric needed for the Cuff Dress. So no pattern matching for me- I didn't mess with it! I do like how the plaid looks almost purposefully mis-matched across the bodice seams, though. 

And, since I was short on fabric I ended up cutting the waist elastic casing in multiple pieces, which is fine since it's on the inside of the bodice.

I also cut the back bodice and neck facing on the fold to skip the keyhole opening in the back; just personal preference. The dress fits easily over my head.

I also skipped the in-seam pockets because I hate them. Not my favorite pocket type.

I really like the final dress- it's so comfy! I like how the linen keeps the voluminous shape of the dress and doesn't collapse. I also appreciate how I'm covered up on the arms and shoulders, but the dress is barely touching my body anywhere else- keeps me nice and cool in warm weather. 

I could definitely see making another Cuff Dress! I might size down next time for a slightly closer fit.