Thursday, August 31, 2023

Batik Sanders Shirt

 Another shirt for Tim!

Not a party shirt this time, but a crisp shirt he can can wear for work outings. 

When he travels for work he does a lot of field site visits to fisheries and places where it's hot and humid, but you still need to look nice. 

He really liked the Elbe Textiles Sanders shirt I made him earlier this year, so I went with that pattern again. 

I love the unique pocket construction the Sanders pattern uses. It's not just your typical patch pocket, but a pocket integrated into the front yoke. A little bit difficult to see in this busy fabric!

I added some extra reinforcement to the edges of the pockets this time with some extra stitching.

The fabric is a lovely modern batik Tim actually bought for himself in Indonesia. It's a relative of this fabric I used for a shirt for Tim several years back

That shirt is now so faded from regular wear now, six years later. A high compliment!

Looking sharp, Tim!