Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Striped Halifax Hoodie

"Thank you for the presents, I really like my emo jacket, Auntie Meg!"

My niece is in an emo phase. 

I'm honestly not totally sure what that means to her, but it seems to be that she is into black and grey, and it's pretty cute. 

I texted her about her needing to listen to the original emo and her response was "is that 'cut my life into pieces'?" The horror! I laughed, shook my head and sent her links to The Cure and The Smiths. She acknowledged that she could tell they were emo just by looking at them.

Anyway, I thought she might like an emo hoodie and I had the perfect charcoal grey striped lightweight cotton french terry in my stash. I had purchased this fabric by the kilo when I lived in Bangkok, so I had a lot of it. 

I dug out my Hey June Halifax Hoodie pattern and went with the classic zip-up hoodie option with the kangaroo pocket. 

I cut out a size small, which worked great. 

I cut everything flat for purposes of stripe matching and yet somehow managed to not match the stripes across the center front. Doh! 

They were aligned at the bottom but off by almost an entire stripe by the top! I don't think she cares. 

I wish I had used a 25 inch zipper - the pattern called for a 24 inch zipper for this size, but it left a big gap at the top under the hood. Again, I don't think she cares.

I didn't have the twill tape the pattern calls from to finish the zipper seam allowance and the seam between the bodice and hood. 

But I did have some beautiful ice dyed bias tape left over from my Shoalhaven Shacket that I used instead. A fun detail!

She seems pretty happy with her emo hoodie, and I hope she'll get a lot of wear out of it!!