Thursday, August 3, 2023

Cottonwood Times Two

I've been accused in the past of being a bit of a new pattern junkie. This accusation has some truth to it... I do love a new pattern. 

But I'm also really a serial pattern repeater. If I make a pattern and like it, you can almost guarantee I make it in multiples. See McCall's 6044, Helen's Closet Gilbert Top, Muna and Broad Glebe Pants, Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater, Helen's Closet Jackson Tee, etc. etc. 

This is the case for the Canyon Moon Studio Cottonwood Tee - I love the first version I made so much that I made two more versions!

I chose the largest size from the Canyon size range (H) for my Cottonwood, same as my last version.

I cut another cropped version (blue) and one of the regular tee length (charcoal). 

The fabric for the two tees is the same, just two different colorways. It's a slubby, textured cotton knit that I bought by the kilo when I lived in Bangkok. 

I've used this knit several times before; you might remember I made a whole leisure suit out of it

But for some reason the charcoal fabric gave me a lot of trouble this time. My machine just would not sew it. Lots of skipped stitches despite trying different needles and stitches. The blue was fine, inexplicably.

In any case, they both finally got sewn together and I am very pleased with them! Such a wardrobe staple. I wore the charcoal one to the office and immediately got a compliment on it. 

Paired here with my Closet Core Pietra pants