Monday, August 19, 2013

Faux Cable Hoodie

While on the road with Martha in Singapore and Indonesia, I worked on knitting this tiny faux-cable hoodie for Baby Anna. 

I used the "Mock Cable Cardigan" pattern by Jeannine LaRoche, from same Knit Hoodies booklet that I used for Zoe's pullover hoodie earlier this year. 

The yarn is Fibranatura Sensational yarn (which looks like it's been discontinued), a bouncy superwash merino that I picked up at Webs' massive Christmas sale when back in Massachusetts.

I think the faux cable design on this cardigan is easy and cute.  I like the hood a lot and love how the cables form the buttonholes, but I will say that the way the cardigan is constructed drove me crazy.  It's knit in 4 separate pieces need to be seamed together at the end (and the sleeves are not knit in the round, so they needed to be seamed as well), which I hate.  It's a raglan style cardigan, though, and could have been knit top down, seamlessly in one piece (plus the hood), like some of the other sweaters I have knitted.  That is, it could have been were I savvy enough to know how to modify a pattern to make it that way.  Someday...