Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Long Sleeved Flannel Maggie Mae

I got the above photo Zoe this week rocking her Maggie Mae tunic, along with a note that said "This shirt looks precious on her!"  I interpreted that as an order to "Make more!"

This is a slightly different take on the Maggie Mae... sort of a combination of the Maggie Mae dress and the long-sleeved Maggie Mae... I extended the cap sleeves out about 12 inches and the bodice front and back down about 10 inches.  I added some piping along the seam to keep things interesting.

I used some very cute purple plaid flannel fabric that Colleen gifted me (thanks, Colleen!!!).  I was able to match the plaids pretty well on the side seams, but not so much on the shoulder seams.
Meh... I ain't mad at it.  

My photos are not doing this shirt justice... in reality it's pretty damn cute.