Thursday, August 1, 2013


Buoyed by my success with the Meghan Peasant Blouse/Dress from Sis Boom, I also bought the Angie dress pattern and gave it a try.  I used this gorgeous fabric from Anna Maria Horner, Field Study Raindrops Poppies

After putting the dress together, I decided to make some changes. While the neckline and bust darts fit well (yay!), the bodice was way too wide for me- I ended up taking in almost an inch off both sides. I also found that with the fullness of the skirt, the simple tank top bodice seemed sort of skimpy/insubstantial in comparison.  I decided that I wanted to add some short sleeves to the dress, so I used the sleeve pattern from my dead-in-its-tracks Colette Peony dress

It definitely needs a belt to break up the dress, give it more of a waist and de-girlify it a bit... I was wearing Tim's hiking belt backwards in these photos because I didn't have the right belt yet at the time.  Ultimately I decided on a long, skinny, black fabric belt, which I wore with the dress at the Jenneth wedding festivities:

I have no idea what we are doing here, but the dress looks cute, eh?