Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Flamenco-esque Cascade Skirt

So, having made her Briar t-shirt, I was on a Megan Nielsen kick a few weeks ago and I sewed up her lovely Cascade skirt.   I love so many of the iterations of the Cascade that I saw online, including this one from Melissa Esplin and this one from Cut Cut Sew.  Problem is: I'm not sure that this pattern, like the Briar, is particularly flattering on me, despite how much I want it to be.  Sigh.

My Cascade is made from some deep red batik rayon that I bought here in Jakarta.  I thought it would work well with the Cascade, hopefully lending somewhat of a flamenco dancer feel to the flowy, cascading wrap skirt.  I made the third option for the waist band- the ties that wrap all the way around and tie in the front.

The skirt was super easy to put together and went very quickly thanks to me using the rolled hem option on my new serger (there are miles of hemming to be done on this skirt, which isn't difficult but could be time consuming).

While I like this skirt in theory and I think it came out pretty well, I'm not sure I'll get much wear out of it because I don't love how it looks on me.  I think it might be a smidge small, so that when I wrap it around my junk in the trunk, it pulls the fabric apart in the front such that it loses its cascadeyness (if that's a word).  Oh well.