Sunday, August 11, 2013

More Meghansl

Yep, I am nothing if not loyal to a pattern that I like.  Ten thousand Scout tees?  Don't mind if I do.  One million Meghan peasant blouses and/or dresses?  Sure.

Here are three more Sis Boom Meghan peasant blouses to add to that total, all made as gifts. 

(As an aside, a shot of me wearing one of my Meghan blouses is up over on my other bloggy blog, if you're interested.)

One Meghan in a fun, summery red/pink/orange batik from Pasar Mayestik, made for Brewster (or Bruce as we call her now, usually pronounced "Brooooooooooose!"):

One Meghan in a black and white floral batik, which I think I bought at an Indonesian handicraft fair that Tim and I went to here in Jakarta.  This one is a Meghan for Meghan, and I have a selfie she took of herself looking cute in it that she will probably kill me for posting since she took it first thing in the morning, but I cropped it so her sleepy face isn't plastered about the interwebs...

This one is for Chaz, who recently became an old lady and now must exclusively wear purple.  JK... we picked out this fabric a couple years ago at Joann's and I never got around to making something for her with it until now.  But I got to test out my new serger when making this one!  Sergers rule!