Sunday, May 31, 2015

Me-Made-May Wrap-up

Here's my second and final Me Made May wrap-up!  I stayed true to my pledge to wear something me-made every day. Many times I wore more than one me-made. I did discover that, in addition to more me-made pants, I could use a couple more basic, solid layering tops to go under cardigans and blazers and/or tucked into skirts. I'm on it.

It's been really fun seeing everyone's makes in action/in the wild! However, until next May... don't expect any more selfies from me! #selfiefatigue

Regarding my make-do-and-mend/alter commitment: I met it by punching out several alterations (and only seriously screwing up one) in a 24 hour period... why do I let these alterations linger so long when they are really quick and easy, and make the garment wearable?
  1.  I made my Wenona shirt wearable by taking in the sides, loosely following the curve from my Oakridge blouse. Wore it to work, got lots of compliments and it was such as easy fix. 
  2. I repositioned one of the belt loops on my Hollyburn skirt. I had sorta eyeballed their placement when I first made it and it was off enough to annoy me.
  3. I shortened 2 Meghan dresses into tunic/blouses that I'll likely get more wear out of: the Kasbah Meghan and another, unblogged Meghan.
  4. I cut out the pockets and shortened my Staple dress into a tunic because it always bunched up on my hips, so I had to constantly tug it down.
  5. And the screw up: I was going to remove the sleeves from my chambray Sureau (the fabric was just too thick for the sleeves and it was just so much green), but I got a little bit overzealous in my seam ripping and accidentally ripped the bodice down the side of the zipper- not sure it's mend-able, so I may pick the bodice off and make a gathered skirt.
Here's the photo round-up from Instragram:

Day 16: Looking a bit tired after watching the non-stop onslaught that is Mad Max: Fury Road, wearing my Datura and Jenna Cardi.

Day 17: At Bangkok's massive weekend market, Chatuchak, sipping on Thai iced tea and wearing my Polly tank top.

Day 18: One of my favorite t-shirts, the first Plantain I made

Day 19: Wore my recently altered Wenona shirt to work!

Day 20: A favorite work outfit... floral New Look 6107 and my Arielle skirt
Turquoise bracelet is me-made, too.

Day 21: Somehow I forgot to take a photo this day (?!), but I wore my beloved batik Maya.

Day 22: Casual Friday in my Morris blazer.

Day 23: My tester Greenwood tank (not blogged yet, but the pattern is for sale now!)

Day 24: A lady who brunches in my rayon challis Myrtle.

Day 25: sewing in my double gauze Onyx top.

Day 26: lounging in Hudsons

Day 27: Astoria pullover + Arielle skirt = yes. 

Day 28: Lunch with my colleagues in my black Moneta, topped with a hand-woven northern Thai vest, a gift from my lovely colleague. Necklace is me-made, too.

Day 29: Drinking beers in my Lisette/Butterick 6168. I adore this dress and must make more.

Day 30: Poolside in a not-yet-blogged Wiksten tank.

 Day 31: wearing my Meghan dress-turned-shirt.