Thursday, December 21, 2017

Knitting: Bunny Hats

Now that I'm back in the land of winter, where knitwear is de rigueur... nay, essential... I have picked up my long-dormant knitting hobby again.

This project, though, is not for me, but for my nieces. My mom picked up these knit hat kits and I offered to whip them up because I am a pretty quick knitter.

The kit is DMC Top This! (read more on Ravelry here), a one-skein project. It's a simple stockinette hat in self-striping yarn. The big "wow" is from the stuffed animal head that tops the hat in lieu of pom-pom.

The kits comes with a little foam piece to support the weight of the stuffed animal, which is tied on with ribbon. I think that's smart because you can then remove the animal in order to wash the hat.

The pattern comes with instructions for two sizes: toddler and adult small. I didn't have the proper size needles (9), I only had size 8, so I opted for the adult small with a few extra rows thrown in between the decreases at the crown, hoping that would fit my not-quite-toddlers, but not-quite-adult-small nieces' heads. It seemed to work out well!

In this pink yarn, two of the stripes (the solid pink and variegated pink) are almost indistinguishable from one another, making the contrast not as dramatic as it is in some of the other kits.

A fun knit. Incredibly quick with the large needles and thick yarn.

But, most importantly, my niece loved them and put them on immediately... they got tested in the snow not 5 minutes after the girls received them!

It cracks me up that my nieces insisted on catching snowflakes on their tongues as I took their photo! Priorities, sorted.