Monday, December 11, 2017

Toaster Sweater Week: Rust Fleece #1

Toaster Sweater Week kicks off with this fluffy, fleece-y number!

This is my second Toaster Sweater #1 for myself. After loving my first version, in sweatshirt fleece, I knew I would make another. 

I made size XL, with sleeves shortened by 1 inch, just like my first Toaster sweater. This one has a much closer fit than my first, which is good, because I have been thinking that one is a little bit loose. The fleece's limited stretch may have something to do with the closer fit.

Speaking of the fleece, this was a total impulse purchase. While in the cutting line at Joann, I was standing next to a cart full of Joann's anti-pill fleece solids. Normally I steer clear of the fleece section, but because of this strategically located display, I was sucked in. The rusty/burnt sienna/cinnamon color caught my eye (I think this color is labeled "red ochre" on the Joann website... it's definitely has more of a rusty look in real life), as did the 50% off sale sign. I snagged a couple yards with a Toaster Sweater #1 in mind.

I sewed this Toaster sweater very quickly... I used the zigzag stitch on my machine, left the edges raw and pressed the major seams open with a cool iron. Boom. This was an hour long project at the most.

It's really cozy and warm. However, the static it creates getting it on and off my body is incredible. I may literally light on fire one day.

Between the color and the pairing with my Birkin flares and clogs, it feels a bit '70s, which I love. 

Hooray! Who knew I that cheap-o fleece could make such a nice looking garment?! I guess we'll see how it stands the test of time. Have you sewn garments with fleece or do you avoid it?

Tune in tomorrow for more Toaster Sweater Week fun!