Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017: Top 5 Hits and Misses

It's that time of year again! Gillian's hosting her insightful Top 5 sewing round-up again, in which you look at what you've made over the year and take stock. 

I am going to do hits, honorable mentions, misses, an update on my 2017 sewing goals, and a few 2018 plans. I'm not sticking to 5 in all cases, because I can't follow instructions, apparently.

I've had a bit of a strange year, moving from a very hot climate to a very cold climate, which has changed my wardrobe needs dramatically. In addition, during the move I was without my sewing stuff for almost 4 months in the middle of the year, so I am cutting myself some slack on the sewing goals thing. 


My hits this year are focusing on patterns more than particular projects. And there is a distinct theme. Perhaps it's the weather here in Vermont (single digit temperatures all week!) that is skewing my perspective on my favorites! 

I did host an entire week in honor of these sweaters, so it's probably not a huge surprise that these were a hit for me. Warm, toasty, fun details, lots of options, easy to sew.

This comfy and cool looking cross-over sweater was hit for me as well as others in my family. And I have orders for more!

How have I not made another Blackwood Cardigan?! This orange wool jersey version I made as a tester earlier in the year has been a workhorse. I wore it in Bangkok when overly air conditioned buildings called for it, and I've worn it in Vermont as a layering piece. So useful.

This classy layering piece has seen a lot of action, as it seems to pair well with almost everything in my closet! Dress it up, dress it down... good to go.

I really liked this coat when I made it in Bangkok, but wasn't sure how it would function in cold weather. Turns out that I love it so! It was a fabulous fall coat that fits well into my wardrobe, works great with a scarf and makes me feel proud and stylish when I wear it. It also makes me feel a little bit guilty for not taking more steps to make a "real" (i.e. fully lined) coat for winter!

Honorable Mentions:

Chalk and Notch Pony Tank - this was a summer favorite. Great fit at the bust/shoulders/armholes and a flowy belly area? Yep.

Style Arc Thea Pant - I am itching to make another pair of these because they are quite literally the most comfortable pants on earth.

McCall's 6044, a Top 5 pattern from previous years, continues to be a favorite for Tim. Below are the versions I made this year.

Popover Shirts: I had several successful popover tunics this year that I got a ton of wear out of! The Hey June Willamette and Cheyenne patterns and the Closet Case Kalle were big winners for me!


I don't have too many misses; most of my stuff gets worn! The misses that I do have are barely so. They are all patterns I'd like to try again, with alterations. Some fit issues, some fabric issues, some "I'm not totally sure what went wrong here because in theory this should be a great garment" issues...

Paddleboat Studio Mitchell Dress is a pattern I'd love to figure out. I feel like this dress ticks a lot of my boxes as far as shape and details, but this iteration just didn't flatter. 

Style Arc Juliet: I wanted to love this funky take on a buttondown, but it just didn't work for me. Too tight in the hips and the sash hit me in the wrong spot. I may come back to it, because I think it could be really fabulous with those issues resolved.

Named Talvikki: Love, love, love the neckline and those radiating darts. Hate the ginormous sleeves. I will make this again, perhaps mashing it with the Toaster Sweater to make My Ultimate Sweater.

Progress on Goals:

Because of my move, I haven't really made much more progress on my goals since updating you in early July. What can I say? I was easily distracted.

Pants: One of the only annual goals I actually achieved. Since my July update, I made a several more pairs of pants (Lander pants, Lander pants again, Thea pants, Ames jeans, Elle pants), but otherwise got distracted making ten million sweaters.

Sophie Swimsuit: Didn't get to this one. Although I love it, this one is pretty far down the priority list now.

Bras and underwear: Does buying the Nixie Briefs pattern with good intentions count? No? Oh, then I failed to achieve this one, too.

Winter coat: Another fail. But this goal has been pushed to the top of the list. I have patterns, I have fabric, I have linings. Just do it already, McCarthy!

New-to-me pattern companies: I think I had already achieved this one in July, so we'll check it off. The Sewing Workshop, Kommatia Patterns, Chalk and Notch .

Vintage pattern: Didn't quite get to this one. Next year.

2018 Plans

See above (just kidding).

Winter coat. A lined coat with closures. Git 'er done!

Bras and underwear: Again, just do it.

Winter work clothes: After a few years of consulting/working from home, I think (although I shouldn't count my eggs until the ink is dry) I'll be working in an office setting again this year. So, I imagine I'll need some winter-worthy work wear.

Unselfish sews: I have a list of things that I promised others I would make. Time to get making.

Are you participating in Gillian's Top 5 exercise? What was your favorite project of the year?