Tuesday, December 19, 2017

McCall's 7262 Sweater Jacket in Ponte

It's gift-giving season and I pulled my sister's name from the proverbial "hat" for our Christmas exchange this year! 

I made her a Toaster Sweater #1, but I was pondering what else to make her when Mimi G reposted an old photo of her McCall's 7262 sweater/jacket thing. I was reminded of how nice this pattern looks! It also reminded me that my sister had pinned several very similar styles on Pinterest (see below). Time to get making...

The jacket looks nice open, but not dissimilar to other waterfall cardigan/jackets out there. I think the version with it buttoned up (View B, not on the pattern cover) is where it really shines.

What cool drape at the neck! Love those asymmetrical buttons! Neat hemline!

After consulting with my mom on what size to cut (I always struggle with the massive amount of ease in the Big 4), I cut a size 12. My sister's measurements put her in a 16 bust, 18 hip on the McCall's chart. The fit we ended up with is pretty spot on! The shoulders fit nicely, it's loose but not baggy, and she can layer under it. 

McCall's 7262 is a fairly quick sew if you switch up the construction methods a bit (i.e. sew sleeves in flat instead of setting them in, serge and turn hems, etc.). I think the only tricky parts for a newbie would be the square corner where the shoulder/neckline/collar all meet, and managing all the layers where the button bands overlap with two layers of collar. I found I had to re-sew that portion a couple times because the pieces shifted a bit as I sewed. Mimi G has a video sewalong from a few years back if you need some guidance.

My fabric is a black and grey teeny-checked ponte from Joann. I can't remember what I bought it for originally, but it seemed perfect for this project, which calls for "Sweater Knits, Wool Jerseys, Ponte Knits." As such, I changed the fabric's purpose in life. Buttons are from my Bangkok stash.

I think she really likes it and I think it looks fabulous on her! 

 I also really love this jacket and now I am itching to make one for myself! I should have traced my size when I had the pattern on the table (#teamtrace), but I was rushing to get holiday projects done and a selfish sew wasn't a priority. Hopefully the pattern doesn't get lost in my sewing shuffle, because I want one for myself! I have some cool orange ponte in my stash that could make for a striking coat...