Friday, December 15, 2017

Toaster Sweater Week: Quilted Jersey #1

Toaster Sweaters for everyone this Toaster Sweater Week!

I chose my younger sister's name from the hat for our Christmas gift exchange this year. A Toaster Sweater #1 was a bit of a no-brainer!

For hers, I chose a cotton blend quilted jersey from Joann (yes, same as the fabric I used for my Toaster Sweater #2... I like what I like!). For hers, I used the grey colorway, which is really lovely and expensive looking.

For her Toaster Sweater, I chose the same size I used for my mom: medium at the bust to a large at the hip. I didn't shorten the sleeves for my sister, though. They are the intended length.

I think it looks pretty awesome on her! Stylish and cozy...very après ski, non?

Well, in this case, more like après opening presents and avant checking out the Christmas parade, bonfire and fireworks at Ogunquit, Maine's Christmas by the Sea.

A note to readers: that is not dandruff. Just some perfectly timed picturesque snow!

I think she likes it! She even gave me a few sassy poses to show it off. Ha!

And that concludes Toaster Sweater Week Check out all the posts here. There's still a bit of time to enter the pattern giveaway if you haven't yet (see post here for details). I hope you enjoyed it and found it perhaps a little bit informative! 

I stand by my assertion that any of the versions of the Toaster Sweater could make a great gift since they are so easy to sew and are pretty forgiving, fit-wise.