Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dude Sewing: True Bias Men's Hudson Pant

Some dude sewing in anticipation of the holidays!

I am fully incapable of keeping a secret and/or not giving Tim finished garments the second they're off the machine. These pants, plus a few other items I've made him, ostensibly for Christmas, were given to him immediately. No surprise, but more time to enjoy them, I suppose!

These are the True Bias Men's Hudson Pant. Tim's been needing another pair of lounging pants and he likes the original pair of Hudson pants I made him way back during pattern testing. 

I cut the same size I used for my original pair for Tim. In fact, I didn't even bother to print out the final version of the pattern; I'm pretty sure I just used the tester version I already had printed out! If there is any fit difference between the two pairs, it's purely because of the fabric.

The fabric I used is this sage-colored bamboo brushed sweatshirt fleece from Imagine Gnats. This stuff, which is smooth on one side and fuzzy on the other, is just delightful: squishy and soft, but with great recovery. The french terry I used last time is pretty terrible: rough and scratchy and zero recovery. Not that that stopped Tim from wearing that original pair practically to death!

The only change I made was to make a single layer pocket (using my handy-dandy tutorial!), because I've seen the pockets on Tim's original pair bunch up a bit. I used a zig-zag stitch to topstitch the pocket bags directly to the front leg of the pant. I love how it looks like a design feature!

Tim really likes these Hudson Pants, despite his morning crabby face! And lucky for me, I have enough of this fluffy fabric left for me to squeeze at least the body of another garment out for myself!


  1. You are so nice to him. That fabric looks fabulous. Excellent work.

  2. Those are great! I may need to make a pair for my man. I love how he poses with his coffee mug.

  3. Nice! my son and grandson love the Hudson's I made them.

  4. They look great. The single layer pocket is perfect for this pattern!

  5. These look SO COZY!!! I really ought to sew for my husband one of these days, lol.

  6. Obviously the pants are awesome and look amazingly comfy, but as a fellow Bruin I must also comment on that fab sweatshirt. :) it’s a great outfit!